Eva Green

Eva Green is probably the most well known French woman that I have talked about to date, and she is probably the sexiest of all the women I have wrote about. She is an actress and a model; she made her film debut in 2003, starring in the highly controversial “The Dreamers”. It was controversial for her numerous nude scenes…I don’t see why it was controversial, I didn’t see anything wrong with it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Her best known role is playing Vesper in the 2006 James Bond film “Casino Royale”. Oh yeah, she was born in Paris on 5th July 1980 and is at the tender age of 31. Now that I’ve got the boring stuff out of the way and I can show some pictures and discuss some more interesting stuff.

I was spoilt for choice when looking for pictures of Eva when I decided to write this article so not all of them will be put in this post, but if you want to see the ones that I don’t put in the post just go to the pictures page, I put all pictures that I find on there. Well, I talked about her numerous nude scenes in “The Dreamers”, and while I’m not going to link you to the videos on here I will recommend that you go and watch them; it isn’t hard to find them, just search “Eva Green The Dreamers” or “Eva Green The Dreamers Scene” and you should get to them. In “Casino Royale” she wears a few dresses that are absolutely amazing and she her body is the definition of perfection, I tried finding pictures of her in said dresses but I could only find one:

I found a video which shows her in various different scenes in the movie, unfortunately Daniel Craig is also in it but oh well, I will put it in at the end of the post. If anyone hasn’t seen that film I recommend that you do just for her.

What did disappoint me slightly about her is that she speaks perfect English and without any accent whatsoever, if you heard her talk you would have no idea that she was French and you would presume she was English. That disappoints me because there is nothing I love more than a French accent, I love it when they speak French and I love it even more when they speak English in a French accent…but I’m sure that I would forget about that if I ever met her, or even better if she were to climb into my bed. She has the full package; dazzling natural beauty, an amazing body and the most important thing of all, she’s French.

She definitely fits into the category of a Sexy French Woman, one of the sexiest there is. I would love to get locked in a room with her, I’m sure I could find lots to do, well one thing but it many different ways. No question about it, she gets a 10/10.

Don’t forget to go to the pictures and videos pages to see any pictures and videos that didn’t get put into the posts.


Alice Raucoules

Now, I don’t know much about Alice Raucoules but what I do know is that she is definitely a Sexy French Woman. I was pointed into her direction by a friend who showed me a video of hers and she said that I would like it. She wasn’t wrong. Videos very rarely get my heart racing, but this one achieved that feat about 10 seconds in. She was a contestant on “Star Academy” (the French equivalent of the X Factor) in France in 2008, and I think she got to the final; but it isn’t her singing that I am bothered about. The one complaint I have about the video is that I don’t feel like it shows enough of her when she is in the shower; I am not saying show her naked- although that would be rather nice- but maybe show her full body but with certain parts of her body covered.

She reminds me a lot of Mélanie Laurent, who I have talked about previously, and I have this weird thing for both of them. That thing is that I think they look really attractive whilst smoking – I have never actually seen Alice smoking but I have seen Mélanie Laurent smoking and I as Alice reminds of her I think she would look attractive too. This may not be weird for some people but I don’t really like smokers and I find it really unattractive, yet when I see Mélanie Laurent smoking I think it makes her look even sexier. I can also picture Alice with a cigarette in her hand and it doesn’t put me off her one bit.

My verdict is that she is definitely classed as a Sexy French Woman and she would also get destroyed. She has both sides, she can be raunchy and look absolutely amazing and make my heart race but she also has the side that you can see from the picture above where she isn’t doing anything fancy, just smiling and she still looks stunning. She is a definite 10/10 for me.

And now for the video, enjoy….

Mélanie Laurent

My first post on this blog is dedicated to Mélanie Laurent. Mélanie Laurent undoubtedly has the title of Sexy French Woman, in myTHIS IS TOO MUCH, I JUST EXPLODED!! opinion at least (and on this blog my opinion is all that matters and what I say goes). She is best known for playing Shosanna in the film Inglourious Basterds, which may have some bearing on my decision to class her as an SFW as it is one of my favourite films of all time. In the film she plays a young woman who witnesses her Jewish family being slaughtered at the hands of the Nazis and only narrowly escapes with her life, she flees to Paris and plans to get her revenge on the Nazis by setting fire to her cinema as they are trapped inside watching “Nation’s Pride” (I think that is correct) – a film about a Wehrmacht soldier who single-handedly repels a French attack on a town, killing over 100 French soldiers in the process. The only thing sexier than a woman wielding a weapon is a woman wielding a weapon and using it on a Nazi; and when you throw her French accent into the mixing bowl you have a recipe for pure sexiness, and sexiness is exactly what you get from her in that film. In my eyes, Mélanie IS French women, when I picture a French woman in my head I picture someone exactly like her (which is why she is the picture in the sidebar) and if all French women were like her then I wouldn’t be sat here, I would be catching the first flight out to Paris. If anyone knows her personally, if you could arrange for me to have a night alone with her it would be much appreciated. I won’t go into what I would do to her in my very first post, that can be done another time but let’s put it this way; if I had one night alone with her she wouldn’t be able to walk for a week.

However, I do have one issue that niggles in the back of my mind when thinking about Mlle Laurent. That niggle is asking me whether I would think so highly of her if she was English. I think not. I honestly think that if she was English, despite everything that I have just said and will say about her, I would not find her as attractive. I don’t really know why this is, maybe it is just the French accent that attracts me. If she was English I would still think highly of her but she would move down the pecking order slightly. Overall, I give her a 9/10


But thankfully she isn’t English; thankfully for me and her. Thankfully for me that I don’t have that dilemma, and thankfully for her that I still want her. Enough words, I will let the pictures talk for me.